The Light


When love hits you, no really hits you, every part of life seems inconsequential, and very little seems rational.? The Light is one of Sara?s most powerful songs and one unsung hero tucked away in the shadows of Brave, Gravity or Love Song. But make no mistake this song is heartbreakingly beautiful and fully deserving to be near the top of her discography. When you realize that you are looking into the eyes of the one you love everything seems right.

Her lyric ?who I was without you, I can do without? sums up the power of this song and finding your true love. A mere nine words that articulate the realization that life didn?t matter before the moment you realized that the one you love has been in front of you the entire time. Have an education or a job? Have a lover, spouse, dog, mailbox, dry cleaning bill, leftovers in the fridge, a credit card bill, or an overdue library book? Well, it doesn?t matter anymore.? All that matters is that you want to be a part of this new found life so badly the players in this song will go back on there own rules, morals, values, etc. just to be. If you’ve ever been passionately in love with someone, whether that love is good or bad, you can understand this feeling.

The piano arrangement in this song is off and running.? Like the flutter of a new love, it never stops.? The piano mimics the emotions of new love. It’s like butterflies in the stomach, bumps on the forearms, and a racing mind that?again, never stops.

In this song Sara writes that the past no longer exists. It?s only the future now that matters because you are reborn and ready to finally live life, for you are now at the side of the person you need to be with until life calls you home. To the light.


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  1. This whole blog is such a treasure trove. Sara has been one of my favorite artists for ages, but reading your posts has really helped articulate all of the reasons why her music just resonates with me, and really rekindle my love for her music. Keep up the great work <3

    1. Thank you Julia for the kind words! So glad you are enjoying the site. It’s Sara’s music that is the star.

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