My Love

The last song on Sara’s?debut album is a live sweet and tender love song about a lover that she has yet to meet. ?Much like the song Come Around Soon, but the difference here is that she has yet to meet, whereas in Come Around Soon she is perhaps waiting for love to strike twice. the lyrics in My Love feel like a poem scratched on the pages of a diary with little editing. ?It’s structure is academic. Rigid. ?4 lines per stanza, with rhymes and each end. The lyrics read like a stream of?continuous?thought. ?If not for Sara’s vocals, the structure of the lyrics would be obvious.

Remember the?Sara Bareilles?Broadway musical I referenced
in Undertow?
,? Between the Lines?, the new jukebox musical featuring the songs of Sara Bareilles!? Well if there was such a musical (And it would be epic) ?My Love would be the first song sung?in Act I after we are introduced to our main character. She’d sing My Love?after she hangs up her rotary phone in her bedroom fresh off a conversation with Mary her slightly older friend. Mary has a boyfriend, and while on the call confides with the heroine that despite the trouble, love can be pretty amazing. (Little do we know that Mary and her love will break-up later in Act I causing tension) ?After she hangs up the phone with Mary she imagines (campiness included) what a true love for her might be like. ?She pens her thoughts in her diary, and then gets called to set the table for dinner by her father in the kitchen off stage. Fade to black. Applause ensues.

I always thought of the last song on an album to be akin to a season finale cliffhanger of that tv drama you just can’t quit. ?It leaves you wanting more from that artist. ?And Sara leaves her most poetic song on the album for the end.?The next album can’t come fast enough.

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