Responsible is the fourth song on the album Careful Confessions and the first that’s void of Sara’s signature piano. I’m guessing this song is what garnishes critic comparisons to Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. The acoustic guitar, the harmonies, the pacing. It all makes sense.

There’s no title track on Careful Confessions. ?However this song is the inspiration for the title with careful confessions so prominent in the chorus of the lyrics. ?I always thought about the thought process an artist goes through to determine album names. Think about it: Some of the most iconic albums are identified by titles alone. ?Dark Side of the Moon, Green, Abbey Road to name a few. ?It’s like naming children. ?You never know how many you’re going to have, so you better like the names you choose because you’ll be tied to them forever. ?I would think that Guns ‘n Roses or Michael Jackson thought they’d have a few more albums in their repertoire, and come on GnR… The Spaghetti Incident? ?Really? As far as Sara’s reasoning for using a lyric from inside a song as the album name is a question for her alone. My guess is that this album’s chalk full of her own carefully constructed confessions that define her journey.

Aside from the lack of piano, Responsible is also lyrically the first song that also changes in perspective. She is optimistic. I get the sense that instead of sharing her heartbreak as in previous songs, she’s trying to break down the walls that her love interest has built up for years. People can retreat inward when it comes to love. Some people just aren’t ready to allow someone inside their life and truly become vulnerable.

“I can’t blame you for the strength you lack.
Scared to give what you may not get back.”

In Sara’s case she tried to move quickly, got burned, but since she believes in the relationship she’s willing to stick it out. She’s now taking it slow but the frustration on her end is starting to build. She wants to be held responsible for tearing down those emotional walls, because she sees the potential. However, it’s a love song with a time limit. She may be optimistic, but she’s also realistic. She won’t wait forever.

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