Come Round Soon

Yet another song about a dysfunctional relationship.??Come Round Soon is the fifth out of the first seven songs on Careful Confessions that deals with this topic. ?Sara has again painted the picture of an important person in her life that has?stolen her heart, and?she?can’t forget him no matter what. She tries,?but he’s?the one thing she?can’t live without. She tells herself “maybe he’ll come around soon.”?

I really like the way this song starts with the A Capella chorus in what seems to be six?or seven channels of Sara’s?voice. ?The chords are thick and at times almost dragging down heavy. ?The arrangement however is nice and a throwback to here vocal days while at UCLA. I wonder if Awaken A Capella ever performed this (or any vocal group for that matter) on a stage, campus grounds, or street corner?

What I find to be very distracting is the added element of the old-time record player sound effect that’s added during only verse one. I find the sound effects in the background to be an odd addition to the song. Come to think of it maybe is not a record player sound effect at all, but a flame under a bong? Perhaps the person coming around soon is really a drug dealer selling her pot? It’s an interesting perspective, but I’m guessing not the right interpretation. ?The obvious choice would be?a dysfunctional relationship.

When Sara plays this song live it’s usually with her strumming a guitar and taking Jazz liberties with her own melodies. ?This is certainly the one song on the album that has the biggest transformation from the album version and what you’ll hear at a concert. Live she adds a “Not me.” to the end that showcases her amazing ability to belt out powerful?vocals.?The only thing missing here is a bluesy Javier Dunn?guitar solo that he wails on for about 5-7 minutes to close out the live version of?Come Around Soon. Maybe that will happen someday… ‘till I see her again I’m staying believing.

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