Inside Out

Inside Out is the first of four live recordings that close out Sara’s debut album Careful Confessions. The first seven songs leading up to Inside Out have introduced a tortured soul. Someone who’s battling obsession, a failed love, a lost love, is at times vulnerable and exposed emotionally, or has major anxiety over what society expects. In the lyrics of Inside Out Sara conveys the message of strength in the self-realization of all these weaknesses. It’s within the culmination of this reality where she understands that she’s not perfect. She accepts her faults, and that she’ll never have the answers to everything that holds her down.

Some days are perfect, and some simply could not get worse.
Some days it’s all worth it, and some days this life is nothing but a curse.

She has two choices: Allow hardships she’s battling to suck her into a self-loathing abyss or she can fight off the negativity by loving inward, accepting her faults and growing. I love the juxtaposition of emotions at play in the lyrics. Insecurity vs conviction. Vulnerability vs. courage. A tired soul vs. inner clarity. Alone vs. mentally strong. She gains strength by allowing adversity to clock her on the chin, and after she cleans the blood from her lip, she recharges her spirit from within. Because at the end of the day she only needs to be accountable to herself. It’s her life. Her choices. Her destiny. She stands tall though she’s small. She breathes in a lung full of cool air and smiles, because she’s alive and tomorrow’s a new day.

I know what I’m not… and you can’t drive me away… it’s only rain.

And just like the rain, Sara knows the rain will eventually stop, revealing the clear blue skies and warm sun overhead.