Sara’s lyrics seem to have at least one great one-liner that sets the tone for the entire song.?Fairytale’s signature line is?”Go tell your white knight that he’s handsome in hindsight.”?


Fairytale breaks down the sexist view of what a woman wants. ?It’s message is one of strength. ?It’s Sara’s?I Will Survive and her?reinterpretation on the?theme of the empowered woman who doesn’t need a man to define her. Girls don’t always need someone to come?save?them, because?”sometimes princesses can save themselves.”?Sara flips the?Disney model on it’s head. What if Disney went rouge, DC Elseworlds style, or even more challenging, what if Disney has it all wrong from the start?

What if Rapunzel was in that tower because she liked her?independence.
What if Snow White didn’t want to be a servant for seven messy dwarves?
What if Cinderella had a crush on the boy down the street?instead of being force fed a proposed happy ending by?the lure of royalty?

I like this simpler version of the song and it’s unintended metaphor. ?It plays like a demo, or perhaps an in-progress thought since it’s only Sara and her piano.?She doesn’t need anyone else to add any other instrumentation here. Just like her heroine in the song that snubs the fairytale, she is working it out just fine on her own. I’m sure that’s not Sara’s intent of the lone piano, but I like how it works out. ?Thus,?Fairytale is far removed from the start of Careful Confessions and the full sound of Love and the Rocks or Undertow, and it signifies the transition to the latter half of her debut indie album which includes four live tracks. This song does have an official music video which features Sara playing the roles of fairytale princesses within a?community theatre quick change setting.?The video is quirky and I find it to be quite charming. It was also one of the first introductions Sara gave?to her fan base?showcasing her humorous and self-deprecating personality.

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One Sweet Love

This song is anxiety filled.

And also?the second song on the album to be?void of piano. Which I don’t mind since it places all the focus on the vocals, bass and crisp rhythm guitar. The refrain is very easy to sing along too, so much in fact that Sara doubles up to sing harmony with herself.

Imagine a world where you realized your one chance at true love was in the past. Maybe you didn’t recognize?it until they were gone.??Maybe you fucked it up. ?Did something stupid. Found out?he or she was actually married, or they had to go away oversees, across the country. ?Or worse yet, you did nothing about it and unwillingly allowed the one true love to just slip on by?

Then with this knowledge you’d spent your next formidable years obsessively trying to recreate the circumstances for that mysterious or perhaps a?new one true love to come around.

Yep, this song is anxiety filled.

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