?Something always brings me back to you. ?It never takes too long.?

Beautiful sentiment to start any album that promises to be filled?with love songs. ?And who can deny the line?s visual power. ?When we are in love, there is so much that reminds us of our better halves that it?s hard to not stop and get lost in a happy moments remembering their touch, smile or the way they hold your hand. There?s comfort in knowing they?ll always be there for you, They?ll always be your foundation.

Gravity is one of Sara?s most famous songs to date and one of her earliest. ?Originally performed by her a Capella group?Awaken A?Cappella?while she attended?UCLA. ?But don?t let the tender start and simple?chords of the song fool you. This song is about heartbreak, loss and the inability to let go because of the gravitational pull of the former love. ?The marching snare drum and alarm-like keyboards at the start serve as an alert?and are?our first audible clue of distress. Within the verses,?Sara constructs a lyric that?s tortured, and conflicted.?She knows that the relationship is unhealthy, and she also knows that the lost love understands that she?s vulnerable and takes advantage of the unfortunate situation by leading her on. The pleading in the chorus?of??set me free, leave me be??reminds me of the television show?Weeds?where Andy Botwin begs Nancy to set him free, and she never gives him the words he needs to be released from her gravity.

Gravity?even steps outside the confines of a love song. ?We all have individuals in our lives that seem to demand more attention than deserved. ?The family member that is overly sensitive, the abusive co-worker, or the narcissistic friend that won?t stop talking about their?pet?ferrets.

If there is any confusion in what she?s trying to convey, Sara solidifies the theme at the end the bridge with the powerful lyric.??But the one thing I know, is that your keeping me? down.??Gravity suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. ?She ends the song by bookending the opening lyric alerting us again that we had it all wrong at the start, but now we are in the know, and we can share in her pain, that?Gravity was not an song about the joy one feels while in the gravitational pull of a lover, but a song about one in-heartbreak who is trapped.

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