This is sara’s one true confession on the album.

This is it folks.

Right here.

Grab some popcorn. Snuggle up by the fire with your grandmother’s afghan and listen close.

Sara’s one true confession:

The road has come with sacrifice. Constant rejection is tough. Playing to semi-empty bars to guys that maybe she’d never consider talking too, or worse yet they’d never consider talking to her, has taken it’s toll. She spells out within the lyrics that while she loves what she does for a living she’s really not comfortable with the nightlife scene, but she had to do what had too to succeed. ?“They only listen to me when I sing” gives me the visual of Sara holding up the wall at her high school dance?awkward and goofy she waits. This is what makes Sara so enduring. Despite all her success she knows where she came from. She’s honest, transparent and shares that her journey to become a household name wasn’t all “sunshine and lollipops”.

This live rendition of?City paints a picture of life on the road and her journey to get to where she is as an artist.??There have been many great songs about the rigorous nature of performing in hole-in-wall locations or just basic life on the road.?Such as, Billy Joel’s The Piano Man, Jackson Browne’s The Load In/Stay, Bob Seger’s Turn the Page or Faithfully by Journey. What makes these songs work is the honest perspective from which they are written.? Each gives an inside look into the day in the life of the singer/songwriter.? While we listen, we’re invited backstage, on the tour bus or as a guest at the secluded meet and greet. City is Sara’s contribution to this perspective, yet?her’s has a twist: There has also been songs?written?about labels that take advantage of musicians by wielding the power of the?big city lights over them. ?That’s the underpinning of verse two. ?Label’s can be jerks, pervs, and d-bags that take advantage of the naive. ?Alanis Morissette’s Right Through You comes to mind as another song that takes this perspective. ?From what I can tell Sara must really love playing this song at concerts,?I have seen her a couple times in concert now and everytime this song comes up?I feel like she gives a piece of herself away to those who are fortunate to hear her bear her soul so willingly.

City is Sara’s Piano Man. It’s her Right Through You, Her opportunity to reinvent Turn the Page. It’s her confession. And it’s mastery.

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