Sweet As Whole

To date, this is the most bizarre song in Sara’s entire collection.

If you’ve ever seen Sara in concert you know she has no problem dropping the f-bomb. The juxtaposition of her sweet demure exterior, Catholic upbringing, beautiful voice and smile with a self-deprecating personality and raunchy potty mouth is rather fun to experience. Sweet As Whole is Dr. Demento after dark and a song I listen to when I need a good laugh. In the lyrics Sara takes everything you’ve always want to say to someone, and says it with a Richard Pryor filter.

A confident personality, realizing self worth and not taking someone’s shit are consistent themes in sara’s lyrics. Another common theme is passive aggressive communication laced with severe bitchiness. In several songs Sara masks dark topics with happy and bright compositions. In Sweet As Whole (Punny for Sweet Asshole) she abandons all the passive aggressive pleasantries and gets right to the point.

That guy’s an asshole.
That girl’s a bitch.

I would guess that her time on tour with Ben Folds has given her the confidence to write, and record a good a old cuss and pirate song like this. Ben Folds is no stranger to a “explicit” label on the songs he writes. Army, Rocking’ the Suburbs, or his cover of the Dr. Dre Bitches Ain’t Shit are just a few. Ben Folds is even singing vocals on the chorus with Sara, and the end of the song gets a bit silly. It’s not to hard to image them all huddled around the baby grand piano with frosty mugs filled with some hoppy IPA all swaying and rocking as they sing. The fact that Sweet As Whole resides on the e.p. doesn’t shock me either. An e.p. can be an artists opportunity to release hold over material to satisfy the ravenous fan base before the next full length record. They’re also a good opportunity for experimentation. So on the e.p. this song sits nicely. If Sweet As Whole was not on Once Upon Another Time and left to a full album release like The Blessed Unrest, it would stick out, kinda like that guy who’s an asshole.

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