Imagine an evening where you meet someone.

Perhaps at a simple bus stop, at a summer outdoor garden, a crowded bar, or a random Saturday night party you weren’t going to attend because it’s on the roof top?of your eccentric co-workers apartment complex. (Let’s call him Steve, you know, the one with the OCD, the affinity for video games and the knack for hanging around far too long? Yep, that one.)

But this random evening, say at Steve’s apartment, you do meet someone. You lock eyes, and for no logical?reason you know there’s a connection. Their gravitational pull is intoxicating and you walk up and say “Hello.” Introductions are superfluous because in another lifetime you’ve already known each other. Your souls, connected centuries ago, you both just need to be reminded how. You never leave each other’s gaze. You talk like old childhood friends that flirted but never went steady, and you get consumed in the company while witnessing true beauty.

Before you know it two hours pass, and your rides have left.

Four hours pass, and so too has the buzz from the Manhattans.

You hold hands, maybe you kiss. Maybe your heart beats faster than you thought it could.

By now the birds are starting to wake, and it’s their chirping that ushers in the sun. With sunshine comes reality?You have to get back to your normal life. A normal life that doesn’t include this rekindled soul mate.

Stay is a song that has a very powerful message: Sometimes it’s only tonight that matters. Not the consequences. Not the ramifications or even the meaning. Sometimes this type of moment between two people defies all logic and is more than needed, it’s necessary, because what has transpired is bigger?than just love at first sight. It’s a reconnection of souls. It’s a moment that yearns for a run at the airport gate,?or standing outside a house raising a boom box over your head. But time is the enemy, because no matter how much we plead with each other to stay, responsibility creeps back in, we have to return to our respective lives and then the moment is lost forever.

Gonna feel it baby
Oh I don’t wanna cry
I know we’ll get to tomorrow and say goodbye
That’s why I’m asking for

Stay tonight
Don’t come morning, don’t come light
They may be lies, but say that we’ll be alright
Say that we’re gonna be alright

I encourage you to listen to this song several times in a row and at each listen focus your attention on specific instruments that make up the composition. They each represent how in-sync the two people are in Sara’s lyrics. The strings, light piano, rhythm guitar and even the backing vocals are all musical layers that work in concert with each other while contributing to a crescendo that is the overall magic and message of Stay. By the end Sara’s passionate vocal exudes so much pain, heartache and love, it’s easy to identify with her thoughts, especially if we connect with the words. The way she holds out “tonight” before the final chorus, conveys those aforementioned emotions, and just like the night we don’t want it to end.

#andrepeat this song again and again and it never will.

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