One Sweet Love

A second time around this song is still anxiety filled.

One Sweet Love (OSL) is the first of six tracks?included on Little Voice that are re-imagined songs from her debut album Careful Confessions.

The premise of the song has remained the same: Imagine a world where you realized your one chance at true love was in the past. Maybe you didn’t recognize?it until they were gone.??Maybe you fucked it up. Did something stupid. Or worse yet, you did nothing about it and unwillingly allowed the one true love to just slip on by? Then with this knowledge you’d spent your next formidable years obsessively trying to recreate the circumstances for that mysterious or perhaps a?new one true love to come around.

However, this version of One Sweet Love?(OSLv2.0) is very different from it’s twin. The original OSL was void of Sara’s signature piano and featured a light guitar sound and expressive bass line. The Little Voice version has her piano featured prominently, the instrumentation is full and it feels right. ?OSLv2.0?still starts with the lone guitar to pay its respects to OSL but that’s about it for the?musical similarities. When the?piano chords come in, the song builds to a full sound with many layers of instrumentation. ?Listening to them one after the other I get the sense that Sara was rushed to get the?Careful Confessions?version out. ?Maybe she just ran out of studio time, or money, or both. Whatever the case?OSLv2.0 feels complete and the original, while nice, now seems thin and plays like a version that would be recorded in a acoustic session 7 years into the future. OSLv2.0 showcases how Sara has grown as an artist at this point in her career by?expanding on her earlier work and improving upon it.


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