Many The Miles

Sara has created a clever song in Many The Miles. It’s a song of strength, introspection, vulnerability and longing, but it’s not a song about love.

There is usually one line in Sara’s lyrics that’s the smoking gun to derive it’s meaning. In the case for Many the Miles it’s: “I made up my mind when I was a young girl, I’ve been given this one world. I won’t worry it away.”

If you were to miss this one line it you might think Many The Miles is a song about a long distance relationship, and you’d still be right. Well partly right. The reality is this song IS about a long distance relationship, but its not with a boy or someone else in the present. It’s with herself. A younger version, set in the past, that’s full of conviction and self-confidence about who she is and where she wants to go in life. Sara crafted a poetic love note to her naive, innocent, and ambitious former self. When she was young she had a good handle on who she was, and more importantly who she wasn’t. But as she’s grow older she does worry. Perhaps too much. She has red letter days, daily struggles and responsibilities. It’s for this reason Sara’s older self is longing for confidence her younger self once possessed.

Turning back the clock, or crafting a 88-mph time machine to snap us back to a simpler time is everyone’s dream when life allows us to peek behind it’s unforgiving curtain. When we’re young the world is vast, limitless and ours for the taking. In Many the Miles Sara reminds herself of this younger Sara’s mindset and for a moment she’s set straight again by traveling the mental miles to be by her side.

Much like Gravity I like how Sara bookends the opening lyric re-inforceing with new vigor that she needs to get back and listen to that young girl who was not going to worry her life away. She certainly could have faded the song out beforehand and we’d all be none the wiser. But Sara and her producer felt it necessary to come back to that lyric. Now that particular vocal feels more confident. It’s like Sara has successfully reminded herself to not worry her life away so that she can enjoy all that life can give.

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