Lie to Me

Lie to Me is one of the more direct songs Sara has written in her entire catalog. Ben Folds get co-writing credit here, was the producer on the track and provided the string orchestration. Upon first listen one might gather from it’s upbeat tempo and pop-like structure that this song is happy and destined to climb the charts of bubblegum pop. But to truly understand the song, it’s necessary to read the lyrics. This is not a happy song. In fact it’s rather dark, taken from the perspective of a person who has been burned one too many times by a certain someone, and now is fully expecting failure from them at every interaction. The song title is not “Lie to me because I want to be kept in the dark about the reality of our relationship”, but instead she knows it’s coming. It’s juxtaposed from the previous song on the record. In Stay she needed the lie so the night would never end. In Lie to Me she’s fed up with the person’s deception. She’s prepared, and doesn’t accept the behavior anymore. The first part of the chorus could really be a parenthetical addition to the song title (So I Can See You) Lie to Me.

This song is very different in structure. It has more of a traditional pop radio feel. There’s heavy sustain on the vocals that is a signature point of style on the entire EP. There are gritty loops, lots of electronic additions, and melancholy strings that make this song quite unique. I would guess this was the last song written for the EP, because Lie to Me feels like it was the proof of concept for songs that found their way on to the next album The Blessed Unrest. The drums in particular seem like a stepping stone to Brave. In Lie to Me the drums are the lead instrument. Not the piano. Not the bass, not even the loops.

I bet we all have a couple people in our lives that we’d love to breathe red when they start to fib. Watch out liars. Watch out Rollins Band, and Lance Armstrong. Look out Pinocchio. If Sara had her way you’d all be breathing red.

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