Bright Lights and Cityscapes

As I write the last entry for Once Upon Another Time I’ve come to this conclusion: The over-arching theme of the entire E.P. is trust.

Song one, the title track, Once Upon Another Time was all about realizing you can trust in yourself. Stay promotes trusting in the moment. Lie To Me is all about trusting your instincts. Sweet As Whole celebrates the mental release that is the result of trusting in letting go about what others think. The trust from the finale song Bright Lights and Cityscapes comes from the idea that through friendship love will find a way.

Hollywood movies and television sitcoms have plenty of examples of the opposite sex best friend syndrome. When Harry Met Sally and Friends, Ross and Rachel being some of the most notable. Sarah’s heroine watches her best friend make repeated bad decisions in love. Despite her disapproval, she supports the friend, stands by them, encourages them, comforts them. She compares his dysfunctional lover to the city’s bright lights with the shiny objects that can distract one from the moment. All the while Sara’s heroine is wishing for him to notice her. It’s a painful emotional roller coaster of emotions. For she is the one true love. She would need no second chance because relationship failure is not to be if they would be together. She just needs him to come around and see that she has been standing beside him the entire time.

On a side note: Bright Lights and Cityscapes was the encore song on her 2014 Little Black Dress Tour. She sang this a capella with three other women tight around one microphone. It’s stunning in its simplicity, and the heartbreaking nature of the words were amplified. In case you didn’t get to experience it live it’s on YouTube and can be viewed below.

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